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Extremely Limited PLR
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 13 reviews
by Drew on Extremely Limited PLR
Very impressed

Excellent work. Even better prices.

by Poppie on Extremely Limited PLR
His Excellency has gone too far...

His Excellency, Arun, actually had the nerve to extort a review from me! He even scolded me for being late to the party. He is shameless! He thinks that just because I've been telling him for years he is the best writer out there, that I would leave yet another glowing review.

Well, sorry to disappoint. I'm not going to say I'm extremely unhappy when his limited articles sell out before I can get to them; I'm not going to say that I trust what he writes because I know he does his research; I'm not going to say one of the reason his writing is so well received is because he infuses humor into his articles (I'm still laughing over pink bug-out bags.)

Just goes to show when Arun isn't being an Excellency, he's being a Court Jester!

Okay, I'll get serious now. Waiting for Arun to "push the button" on his limited PLR is becoming an event. Actually, being on his list is an event. It's packed with terrific life lessons, mixed with his outrageous humor. From time to time Arun sings the praises of other PLR providers in his emails, and he is not wrong. But, for me, I'd buy his PLR all day long if I could.

Arun is the best Excellency ever!

by Tracy on Extremely Limited PLR

Aruun's PLR is always good. His branding and the relationship he has with his list is second to none. My favourite email marketer.

by Stefan on Extremely Limited PLR
Customer for life

How do I give this plr 6 stars? 🙂

by Jason on Extremely Limited PLR
Exceptionally good!

The rest of the reviews below are spot on. Arun's PLR is the best and I have bought from most of the rest. Now if only we could drag him away from Netflix and get him to write more PLR.

by Kim on Extremely Limited PLR
Extremely Limted PLR Offers

I was so disappointed to miss out on the last extremely limited PLR offer because other purchases of the EXTREMELY LIMITED PLR was top notch A++ written, has been thoroughly researched and is of such quality that I have been able to sub-niche the sub-niche. I always look for Arun emails because he is entertaining, tells the truth and I don't want to miss his limited edition PLR. I know that when he says extremely limited - it is just that. You snooze you loose.

by Fred Ferguson on Extremely Limited PLR
None of your business...

Look, I'm stuck here...

While I DO want to give credit to whom it's due like to Arun because his work appears in my work, but I also do not want to give away of my secrets...

so let's do this...

just buy his stuff, USE IT, see the results that you'll get, and come thank me later with a nice gift later.

Best, Fred "the pattern interrupter" Ferguson - Peace, out!

by Liz on Extremely Limited PLR
The Second Best PLR Available...

Arun's PLR content is hands down the second best PLR content out there. I can't say it's THE best because... Well, as the Queen of PLR I am second to none!

Seriously... As a PLR creator there's no one out there that I recommend more than Arun. He is hands down the best writer I've ever come across and when I use his articles I get the best feedback from my customers and my stuff gets shared A LOT. 🙂

When I buy his products with PLR I make money. Every time...

As the reigning Queen of PLR I give Arun my highest recommendations!


by Steven Booth on Extremely Limited PLR

Arun never disappoints.

by Anupam Kaur on Extremely Limited PLR
Great writting

Aruns PLR is much better then any freelance writer I hired. Thank you.

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